Quit Putting Fear in My Food.

Maybe it is because I just got done sorting cattle and a cow slipped and splattered manure all over me, but I sure am fired up today. First, I discover that The Original Muck Boot Company supports HSUS, a company that “claims to save animals”, but in reality only a small fraction of their profits goes to shelters. While this really cheeses me off, it is not what has my blood boiling. It is the Food Babe. Food Babe prides herself on spreading information on America’s food supply when, in reality, all she is spreading is fear. She targets large companies and uses popular food buzzwords to trick people into joining her “food babe army”. The Food Babe targets what she doesn’t understand. Whether it is a word she cannot pronounce or modern farm practice that she knows nothing about, the food babe attacks it. She claims to be an expert, but she has no experience or education in food safety, food science or agriculture. What she does have is a degree in computer science. Computer Science. Oh, and if you try to correct her or offer insight, she will block you from her site. (Yes, I have been blocked).

Her Facebook army consists of over 600,000 people who believe anything she says. This is alarming, but if folks would sit back and think before “liking” and believing every word, the Food Babe might have a few less in her army. And that is the goal of this post, folks; to make you think. Just because you don’t understand something or can’t pronounce a word, doesn’t mean it is bad. Do research, read credible sources or ask a farmer. Don’t fall victim to food buzzwords, scare tactics or misleading labels. Think things through.

Farmers are doing their best to deliver safe, quality products to your table. We feed our families the very food we produce and stand by our products. Don’t let the Food Babe or anyone else confuse you or put fear into your food. If you have any questions regarding food or farming that you think I might be able to help you with, feel free to ask!ย  While I am not an expert on everything, I am sure I canย direct youย to the right place. ๐Ÿ™‚ย Here are some other sources that I recommend when it comes to food:

Common Ground

Food Integrity

Nurse Loves Farmer

Genetic Literacy Project

Dairy Doing More


9 thoughts on “Quit Putting Fear in My Food.

  1. I love this post!

    I have the same feelings towards those who have no experience, yet feel the need to spread fear. I really wish people would turn to those of us who raise food as their source of information instead of fear mongers like Food Babe…. and Jamie Oliver for that matter.

    PS I just discovered you last week when you posted #farmgirlproblems, and I gotta say, I really enjoy your blog!

  2. I did see another post that Muck Boots made that said they did not support HSUS, but employees supported another org that was unrelated to HSUS. Don’t know the truth yet. HSUS and PETA disgust me because they advocate the end of any animal agriculture. Sonic drive in was proud to give $100,000 to HSUS last year so I do NOT eat there anymore. I am a 100% organic gardener.

    • I’m not sure what the truth is yet either. It saddens me that PETA and HSUS receive all this money but only a tiny amount goes to animals and shelters. I always tell people to donate locally. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for stopping by!

  3. I feel the same way! If we all start standing up to internet bullies like the Food Babe (no matter how strong their misinformed army is) maybe we can stop them before they become a runaway train like her page has. Go to the experts for the truth, when it comes to food that’s a farmer!

  4. Somehow WordPress on my phone gives me grief so sorry if 2 comments show up from me but I just wanted to say that I completely agree! Maybe if people keep standing up to internet bullies like the food babe pages like hers won’t turn into a runaway train with misinformed ‘armies’. For quality information go to the experts, when it comes to food that’s a farmer!

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