I am a proud farm girl and feel blessed to live such a lifestyle, but let’s be honest: the farm girl life ain’t always easy; we have our problems.  Problems only other farm girls can understand.  Let’s take a minute to show some sympathy for all the farm girls out there.

Farm Girl Problems:

1. It is not unlikely to go days, weeks, possibly months without doing your hair or make-up.

2. You have a closet full of beautiful clothes, but they only get worn once in a blue moon.  By the time you get a chance to wear all your summer clothes, clothing stores are coming out with their fall lines.

3. Operating a skidsteer or tractor requires a sports bra.  After a spring thaw and  freeze, you may want to double up.

4. If you wear mascara in the winter, it will freeze, thaw, melt down your face and leave you looking like a street-walker.

5. It is impossible to make plans too far in advance, because you never know when you will be making hay or harvesting.

6. After a long, hot, summer day on the farm you get home,look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Man, I got a nice tan today!”. After showering you realize that was all dirt and you are still as white as a ghost.

7. The tan lines you do have, are not the kind boys sing about in country songs.


8.  At the end of the day, you find enough hay in your bra to produce a small square.

9. On average, you talk to animals more than people.

10. A manicure will NOT last more than one day, but you keep painting your nails to hide the dirt.  It is a vicious cycle.

11. Animals will mistake your hair for hay and try to eat it.

12. Your city friends think you are over-sharing when you say, “Swing into Fleet Farm, I need some rubbers.”.


13. Your city friends fail to understand what shade of yellow resembles calf scours.

14. You must plan major events around planting, harvest and Expo.


15. With so many layers, going to the bathroom in the winter is a twenty-minute process. Oh, and peeing outside? Been there, done that.

16. You lay awake in bed wondering if you locked the gate.

17. Running late for events is common and Freebreeze sometimes substitutes a shower.

18. Try and keep your vehicle clean; forget about it.


19. Your pregnant city friends will say things like, “I’m in my second trimester.” and you will be screaming in your head, “What? Just tell me how many days carrying calf you are!”.

20. There will come a day when your favorite barn jeans will being hanging by a thread and have to be retired.  It will feel like the end of the world.

21. Callouses, cuts, scars…man hands.  Just man hands.

Okay, so maybe these aren’t major problems, but I think they are issues that only other farm girls can understand.  Being a farm girl ain’t easy, but some one has to do it!  Cheers to all the farm girls out there; FARM ON!



38 thoughts on “#FARMGIRLPROBLEMS

  1. I totally love this post!!!! I can relate to so many. For instance a 50th birthday was planned on the same day as my son’s last fair of the season. Guess they will have to party without us.

  2. Love these! I have dressed up for my Friday trip to town before because I had worn coveralls, and not done my hair and makeup since church the weekend before. Lol!

  3. Love this list, it’s definitely spot on. In my case though you have to add:

    1. Showers in and out of pig barns so many times a day that showering at home is no longer appealing. Even if it means you permanently ooze the smell of pig poop out of your pores and your hair is always screaming for less water.

    2. People no longer eat food, it’s “feed”.

    3. Hands and arms are constantly multicolored from the spray paint used when marking pigs for treatment, vaccination or treatment. Black eyes from rubbing face with dirty hands are so common, the boy is concerned people think he beats me.

    And so on and so on. Gotta love the life, right?

  4. Hahaha! Very true… I definitely cried the day my fave work jeans died.
    And OMG… yes, if I had a dollar for every time someone finished telling me about their exciting party/engagement/birthday/wedding etc. and I’m all pump and then they say it’s in September or March. “Ohhh, well, cool, it sounds really fun, you’ll have a great time. I won’t be able to come because we’ll be shearing, But I’m SO happy for you!”

  5. Realizing that going into the grocery store not exactly looking like a fashion magazine will get you looked at. A lot. But the cashiers still take your money, and at best, creepy guys will not try to pick you up because you do NOT smell like a rosebud! 🙂

  6. MY husband passed away during World Dairy Expo of course the boys were down there so things waited till they got home .Then viewing was put off because of a Packer game but that is what Dad would have wanted. Cows and football always came first.

  7. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!I had to take a job in town for the health ins. Only a true farm girl would understand me when i say I MISS ALL THAT!!!

  8. Wow! So totally accurate! I remember a date with a boy that was not a country boy – the first time he held my hand freaked me out! Silky soft hands on a guy!? What the heck! Lol!

  9. OMG! Just too true!! I might also add that the bruises on your body are NOT domestic violence, but if somebody asks how you got that bruise, your honest answer is “Hell if I know”!!

  10. Ahahaha – this is great! But you’re right; we wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m the only female dairy manager in a company owning14 farms; I’ve been working with these guys (250+ staff) for well over a year and the first xmas do I make it to dressed in jeans and a nice top with my hair down and straight and the bastards didn’t recognise who I was!!! 😦

  11. I found a solution for #10…Jamberry Nails! I was skeptical at first but if they can stand up to everything I get into as a large animal vet AND life on the farm they can stand up to anything! 🙂 There’s over 300 designs (http://lesliesparks.jamberrynails.net/) and I’d love to send samples to any farm girls who wants to put them to the test! Fill out the form and I’ll get you some samples! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fecyPagjfYH424mF4WfFAXZiWw67RbVmL-g6p9tZ9YA/viewform

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